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Viewing analogue TV with ivtv supported TV card.


Hardware Requirements

a TV card which is supported by ivtv, i.e.

  • PVR 150
  • PVR 250
  • PVR 350
  • PVR 500
  • MPG 600
  • MPG 160
  • AverMedia M179

see HauppaugePVR

Software Requirements

  • ivtv >= 0.3.8, recommended 0.4.0
  • ivtv Firmware 0x02040011, (if using ivtv-0.4.0: 0x02040011 or 0x02050032)
  • vdr > 1.3.29 (recommended 1.3.36)
  • recent Kernel, recommended 2.6.14
  • compiler, recommended gcc >= 3.4.0


a patch for vdr is required, see ptv-$VERSION/patches


The channels.conf has to be edited as decribed in the README file. You may use w_pvrscan for this purpose, w_pvrscan is a channel scan utility which produces a channels.conf for ptv.


  • other plugins which directly access /dev/videoXX may interfere, i.e. Osdteletext
  • no Teletext support


[1] Homepage
[2] ivtv driver
[3] channels.conf analogue channels.conf examples for analogue TV
[4] freqlist PAL-europe List of all pal-europe frequencies