Appendix M. Function Reference

Table of Contents

cec open() — Open a cec device
cec close() — Close a cec device
cec ioctl() — Control a cec device
cec poll() — Wait for some event on a file descriptor
ioctl CEC_ADAP_G_CAPS — Query device capabilities
ioctl CEC_ADAP_G_LOG_ADDRS, CEC_ADAP_S_LOG_ADDRS — Get or set the logical addresses
ioctl CEC_ADAP_G_PHYS_ADDR, CEC_ADAP_S_PHYS_ADDR — Get or set the physical address
ioctl CEC_DQEVENT — Dequeue a CEC event
ioctl CEC_G_MODE, CEC_S_MODE — Get or set exclusive use of the CEC adapter
ioctl CEC_RECEIVE, CEC_TRANSMIT — Receive or transmit a CEC message