[linux-dvb] What do you think of mpsys library ? (for ca_zap)

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Sat Apr 2 10:44:45 CEST 2005

Manu Abraham <manu at kromtek.com> writes:

>> It depends on where the development is going. IMHO ca_zap should
>> stay a small tool similar to szap, so if it works now with libsi,
>> why would you want to change that?
> The question that was raised by Dominique was that he would like to
> to replace (libsi) the factored out code from ca_zap, with mpsys..

As Johanness stated, it depends on where you want to push libsi
- either a full SI parser. In this case, it would be a shame not to
  consider mpsys or the code generation approach that was developed
- Just a PAT/PMT parser and CA_SET_PMT encoder. In this case, manual
  coding is fine. But the libsi name may be misleading. 

I guess that the question will arise againg when you'll want to
implement the MMI handling as they many protocol objects to encode or

>> OTOH if you (or someone else) wants to write a larger dvb library,
>> then why reimplement all of SI parsing if there are exisiting libs
>> for it?

Furthermore, for other protocol, why use manual coding when mpsys
author developed a techno that enable you to generate the decoder
routines ? 


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