[linux-dvb] Cinery T2, tunes but no data recevied

Holger Waechtler holger at qanu.de
Mon Apr 4 19:00:51 CEST 2005

Stephen Williams wrote:

>I'm currently trying to get my new Cinergy T2 box working as a second
>tuner (i.e /dev/dvb/adaptor1) under kernel version 2.4.25. I checked
>out CVS for the linux_2_4 branch as of 11/3/05 and everything compiled
>as expected.
>After doing an "insmod.sh load" from the build-2.4 directory and then
>manually loading the cinergyt2 module (it's not in the insmod script)
>I can tune the card with tzap. On tuning, the blue light on the T2
>turns on and tzap reports FE_HAS_LOCK. The problem is that i'm not
>actually receiving an MPEG stream from the T2... MythTV reports no
>data, and a 'cat /dev/dvb/adaptor1/dvr0' returns nothing (and yes, I
>was running tzap with the -r option).
>So.... Does anybody now what's wrong? Are there other modules I need
>to be loading other than cinergyt2 (that aren't in the insmod.sh
>script)? Has anybody got the cinery T2 working on a 2.4 kernel?
>Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

is the EHCI driver loaded and have you ensured that the device is 
attached to a highspeed USB port?


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