[linux-dvb] Cinergy T2 lockup, needs power cycling

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 11:13:59 CEST 2005

> You could try to issue a usb_reset_device() at driver initialisation in
> order to restart the firmware. Please report if this solves your problem.
> thanks,
> Holger

That certainly sounds like it could help. I'll give this a try the
next time the device locks itself up (could be a few days). Am I right
in thinking that I just need to make the following changes to the
cinergyt2_probe function:

	INIT_WORK(&cinergyt2->query_work, cinergyt2_query, cinergyt2);

	cinergyt2->udev = udev;

+	if ((err = usb_reset_device(&cinergyt2->udev)) != 0) {
+		printk("%s: usb_reset_device() failed (err = %d)\n",
+		       __FUNCTION__, err);
+		goto bailout;
+	}

	if (cinergyt2_alloc_stream_urbs (cinergyt2) < 0) {
		dprintk(1, "unable to allocate stream urbs\n");

Thanks for your help.


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