[linux-dvb] What do you think of mpsys library ? (for ca_zap)

Kenneth Aafløy lists at kenneth.aafloy.net
Wed Apr 6 02:46:54 CEST 2005

On Sunday 03 April 2005 09:20, you wrote:
> Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
> > While thinking about this, should it be a callback interface or plain copy
> > interface with buffering? Maybe both?
> I believe a simple copy would be sufficient, as i understand..

Only problem is that there are already several copies done in the dvb driver;
from the dma area into the dvb_ringbuffer and from the ringbuf to userspace.
I hate optimizing, it always leaves gaps to fill in :)

> > Also I'm pondering of an mmap style implementation that will be in v4.
> A mmap style would be nice, but initially shouldn't we keep the goals a 
> bit low ?

Yes, agree with you on this, but the recording features of a dvb adapter
is somewhat coupled together with frontend tuning, setting ca pids,
finding section tables and so on.

I belive that the in kernel drivers could be simplified a lot, and even
keeping compatability between v3/4 apis if some workloads is moved to
userspace. But that may be too complicated.


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