[linux-dvb] FlyDVB-T Duo Cardbus simple patch (for the analog tv)

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Wed Apr 6 12:32:46 CEST 2005

Nico Sabbi wrote:
> Andrea Venturi wrote:
>> at least, i can see (with tvtime.sf.net)
>> - the card autodetected
>> - the analog television  (and tune tv stations)
>> - the composite1 (inside the svideo input)
>> - the svideo (thru the same svideo input)
>> - composite2 (the standalone composite input)
> does svideo show very poor quality as it does for me?

i think i know where's the mistery and this explanation should find its 
way (if right..) in a FAQ.

first of all this is my test setup for the composite / svideo inputs:

- DVB STB with both a SCART and a composite output
- SCART converter to svideo
- svideo cable
- composite cable
- fly dvbt duo card with both (svideo & composite inputs)
- tvtime as application

during the first test i had this experience:

- the composite2 input (in tvtime) goes thru the composite cable and 
works well
- the composite1 input goes thru the svideo cable and i see good colors
- the svideo input (thru svideo cable) works BUT black & white

i believe svideo and composite1 share the same "luminance" wire in the 
svideo cable but now the STB drive this wire with a composite (luminance 
+ crominance components) signal so when in svideo mode the saa7133 
doesn't get the crominance component.

indeed, on the STB i check that in the video output says that is driving 
"composite thru scart".

now second test, i change the STB menu in "svideo thru scart" (the other 
setting available)

now i get good color in the svideo input (the same and not that better 
of the composite2 input still working) and only black&white in the 
composite1 input (composite thru svideo cable)


now the STB is splitting in two wires the luminance and crominance 
signals thru the svideo cable.
the svideo mode of the saa7133 is showing good colors, but now in the 
composite-thru-svideo it miss the crominance component in the "supposed" 
composite wire (only luminance AKA b&w!)

hope to have been clear wnough

that's the way i think it all works..


> Can you send this patch to v4l or Gerd Knorr, please?

i didn't understand if you have been able to get any sound coming from 
you flyvideo!! did you ever hear anything, nico?

and yes, i have been in a hurry and send to the wrong list, so i am 
resubmitting to v4l, but i believe we should wait to have the audio part 
working before committing anything!


andrea venturi

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