[linux-dvb] DVB-T

tony tony at tgds.net
Wed Apr 6 18:18:28 CEST 2005

Le mercredi 06 avril 2005 à 17:12 +0100, Ivor Hewitt a écrit :

> > 	with DVB-S I can watch one channel wile recording several others at the
> > same time with VDR
> >
> > 	is this possible with DVB-T?
> Yes... if the software you're using supports it (like vdr).
> As long as the channels are on the same multiplex you'll be able to watch
> them, not sure how many channels are squeezed onto the same multiplex on
> satellite, there might be fewer on DVB-t. In the UK there's about 5 channels
> per multiplex.

OK that is why I keep reading of boxes with several cards inside! In
France there will be 14 channels free to air so I would need (in the
best of scenarios) 3 cards/usb adaptors if I wanted to record the whole
deal (highly unlikely).

I can record 4 BBC channels while watching a 5th one on BskyB.



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