[linux-dvb] air2pc, dvb driver and mythtv [very cracky audio]

Neil neil-on-linuxdvb at restricted.dyndns.org
Thu Apr 7 22:05:50 CEST 2005

hey guys, 

I don't know where the problem is really coming from. I am using air2pc pci 
card to capture OTA. I'm also using Mythtv for my pvr. I was using feb 23 
cvs of mythtv and everything is fine, no issues. 

I tried the latest mythtv cvs yesterday compiled with dvb. I noticed that 
when watching OTA FOX channel 32, the audio is very cracky. However, I don't 
see any issues when watching other HD channels like WTTW 11. Someone on the 
mythtv-users told me that other people are also experiencing the same 
issues. He told me to use TS rather than PS. I will have to try it tonight. 
So any comments on this? 



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