[linux-dvb] Nebula DVT Card won't register front end

Seb James seb at hypercubesystems.co.uk
Fri Apr 8 10:40:07 CEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 15:55 +0100, Alistair wrote:
> Hello, All
> I cannot get a new Nebula Electronics DVB-T card to work.
> Reading the docs suggests that a simple modprobe dvb_bt8xx should do the 
> job;
> but it doesn't.

This is because the new Nebula Electronics DVB card (at least the PCI
one which I have) contains a Zarlink MT352 frontend chip, rather than
the ATI NXT6000 frontend chip. I guess they changed it because the MT352
has more features.. or perhaps it's cheaper.

This is from an email sent to me from Nebula:

- I should point out that the PCI card that you are about to receive is a 
- newer model than the one used by Florian Schirmer and thus the Linux drivers 
- will require updating in order to function with it.  The central difference 
- between our old card and the new one is that we now use the Zarlink MT352 
- COFDM rather than the ATI NXT6000, and thus the drivers need to be adjusted 
- to use the new demodulator.  For this reason please do check with Florian to 
- see if they have already adjusted the code to cope with this change as the 
- Linux DVB code does already exist for the MT352 demod.
- As we didn't develop the Linux drivers ourselves we cannot offer direct 
- support for them and thus you will need to talk to the Linux community or 
- the guys over at Linuxtv.org to establish the current state of play.  If we 
- can do anything to help specifically please let us know as we can then see 
- what we can do, and if you do speak to Florian then please let him know that 
- he can contact us directly if he wishes so we can then work to ensure our 
- new revision of our hardware working under Linux.

So, the dvb-bt8xx driver will need a minor update to cover this card.
I'm going to do it unless someone says they have already, but I will
need a few pointers. I've already had a look at the code, and have made
a start, but there will be some questions, I'm sure.

> I think that similar questions have been asked before, but I cannot find 
> any answer.
> Previously, I had seen favourable reports of the Nebula card, but maybe 
> things have
> changed.

It seems that Nebula are pretty good and willing to provide help in
porting the driver, so good for them. Of course, they _could_ do better,
by porting the code themselves, or funding the job, but they are a lot
better than many electronics suppliers.

Seb James

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