[linux-dvb] record multiple channels

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Fri Apr 8 17:56:55 CEST 2005

Matthijs Mourits wrote:

> Tony,
> I just went to the satellite store (yes, I want one ;-) and
> they told me that the Skystar2 (or any pc card) can not record more 
> then one stream at the same time because the receiver (settop box or 
> pc card)  sends a command to the receiver on the dish that will "tune" 
> to a specific frequency.

you can tune only 1 frequency at a time, but on the same frequency there 
are generally many channels, all of which can be
saved at the same time

> They also told me that the "receiver unit" on the dish needs to be of 
> a type that can handle multiple channels if you want to watch 2 (or 4) 
> different channels _at the same time_. Is this true?

BS. The LNB just receives whatever is transmitted.

> I will rephrase my question. I am looking for a solution that can record
> multiple video streams _at the same time_ on to a computer. Can this 
> be done with one pci card or will I always need 1 card per channel?

any budget card (without hw mpeg decoder) can do it

> I also found out that to record public Dutch TV ( not free to air) I 
> need to pay for a smartcard by monthly subscription.
> So I need a pci card that can take a smart card. Do you guys have any 
> recommendation for cards like this that work nicely under linux??
> Many thanks,
> Matthijs

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