[linux-dvb] choosing default broadcast format

C.Y.M syphyr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 11:06:42 CEST 2005

Oliver Endriss wrote:
> Anssi Hannula wrote:
>>Here is a patch which adds tv_standard option to dvb-ttpci.
> Recently I found that it can be done without modifying the driver.
> Try the tool 'v4lctl' (part of the xawtv package):
>   v4lctl setnorm ntsc
> will switch the card to NTSC mode.
> Anyway, we could add the patch to CVS to make it easier for NTSC users.
> Any opinions?

I am assuming that if I were to use the v4lctl utility, the full featured dvb
card would still default back to PAL during channel changes until the card locks
to another NTSC signal (still creating the scrolling on the monitor during each
channel change).  Actually, patching the driver is a secondary solution to the
the initial problem of the firmware defaulting to PAL mode.  For a NTSC user, it
is very difficult to initially learn the remote control functions in VDR because
the card does not try to lock a signal until the remote is learned.  So, the
only way I have been able to get VDR to train the remote control is play a NTSC
based mpg file through mpegpes before I start VDR to get the card locked to
NTSC.  It is almost as if we need two versions of firmware.  But, this solution
from Anssi (adding a default broadcast format to the module) will definitly help
for normal NTSC usage.

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