[linux-dvb] What am I doing wrong with this Twinhan card?

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Mon Apr 11 01:10:01 CEST 2005

Tim Bates wrote:
>  > http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Twinhan_VP-1020
> Well, I had all the modules listed there loaded. Only difference was I 
> didnt give the dvb_shutdown_timeout=0 option to dvb_core but that 
> shouldnt effect starting things should it?

No ..

>> Which kernel version are you using ? Using stock drivers or dvb-kernel 
>> CVS ?
> Plain is what I am using. Im going to try my older kernel I was 
> using before I reinstalled to see if it works... I never really tried it 
> because I was planning a reinstall :P

There you go .. You need the bttv patch i posted earlier.. Since dst 
depends upon bttv, bttv had to be fixed.... bttv was known to have 
problems on kernels > 2.6.10-rc2

After this you would need the dvb-kernel from CVS too...


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