[linux-dvb] Re: STV0297's descrambler sync detector failed to lock

Kein Yuan kein.yuan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 12:48:17 CEST 2005

The strange thing is, with/without cable plug in the tuner, the system
report the same that WGAAGC/PLL was locked, which was showd below.  
Does anybody has this kind of experience?

Thanks a lot!

dvb_frontend_autotune: drift:0 inversion:0 auto_step:2440
auto_sub_step:0 started_au0
westlake_stv0297_pll_set: params->frequency is 0x208b4c80.
Write data into PLL: 0x24  0x62  0xce  0x4.
Call i2c_transfer return 0.
data in PLL-data[0]: 0x7f.
PLL locked.
wait for WGAGC lock OK.
wait for equaliser partial convergence OK.
wait for equaliser full convergence OK.
FEL status Locked
wait for main lock timeout.
Keep in FAST b/c dvb_frontend_autotune return 0.
stv0297_read_status, sync = 0x0.
fast zigzag.

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