[linux-dvb] Re: STV0297's descrambler sync detector failed to lock

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Mon Apr 11 22:47:21 CEST 2005

Hi Mika

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Mika Sorsa wrote:
> Based on earlier messages in various blogs, it appears a few dvb-c viewers
> with STV0297 have tuning problems in some circumstances.
> I've resolved mine by modifying the frontend driver by increasing those
> timeouts that expire and adjusting the pwm value so that it gets locked
> also on QAM-128 modulated frequencies.

Interesting. I assume you use the Nexus-CA or the Technotrend aquivalent?

If I got Kein correctly, he is not using such a card, but a STB or 

I modified the dvb-kernel-driver to work with the CableStar2 (the DVB-C 
clone of the SkyStar2).

I did not commit it to CVS yet, because it breaks support for the 
Nexus-CA. The problem is, with the current stv0297-driver the CableStar2 
doesn't get a lock, but with my modifications (along with some 
beautifications) the Nexus-CA is failing.

I haven't had the time yet, to figure out which stv0297-parameters are 
card-specific to fix it again.

> I suspect some of the other register values are not treated correctly either,
> since e.g. reading the BER values does not give meaningful results.
> I don't have idea where to get the data sheets, I cannot correct those.

I attached my current patch, which changes the flexcop-driver to support 
the CableStar2 and changes the stv0297 in order to work with it.

It would be nice if you or someone else could have a look into it and 
maybe fix the Nexus-CA support. Please try to keep the beautifications :).

Thanks in advance.


PS: The patch inside the archive can be applied as usual and the 
stv0297_priv.h has to be copied to 
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