[linux-dvb] Replex woes

La La ilpapaguasto at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 12 03:47:26 CEST 2005

OK, I have a Cinergy T2 DVB-T outputting a ts stream
from kaffeine (or PS,PES) with minor glitches in the
file, as is the way with these things.

The glitches include audio frames of the wrong size
and video/audio discontinuity. There are obvious audio
glitches and video fragments in all the files, I've
had problems with.

I've experimented with the various options suggested
in the archive of this list.

-k works sometimes, othertimes I get a ringbuffer
error part way throught the replex. The file, if
successfully produced, then plays fine in xine but
defeats my editing software which seems to bee
expecting strange things like a consistent stream.
Replex helps the editor find the audio but the output
is dreadfully out of sync.

Specifying the pids doesn't seems to help.

Demux (for later mplex) doesn't work any better from a
sync point of view.

Using -t MPEG2 rather than -t DVD has allowed some
smaller files to work and avoided a mux rate warning.

So right now I have a disk filled with video files
that play fine in xine/mplayer but I can't force into
a state suitable for burning onto DVD. (Help!).

After a couple of days now playing with demux options
I got a new error message. 


The input is a TS generated by kaffeine and I get this
after about 600M of the output file has already been
generated, so I guess it's the call to get_pes in

Is this is another dodgy budget dvb-t device stream,
the like of which seems to cause most problems to

Are there any other solutions available? I even went
to the effort of downloading VideoReDo for windows and
trying (unsuccessfully) to run it under wine.

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