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Jake dvblist at jake.ath.cx
Tue Apr 12 05:11:58 CEST 2005


I have very similar issue with a Twinhan DVB-S board, here are the
latest messages from my system:

Apr 11 22:09:36 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a0c0
Apr 11 22:11:00 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a158
Apr 11 22:15:13 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a1e0
Apr 11 22:21:10 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a118
Apr 11 22:21:30 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a210
Apr 11 22:28:31 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a120
Apr 11 22:31:39 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a140
Apr 11 22:40:26 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a1a0
Apr 11 22:45:20 tv bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f28a0b8

On my case look like the beginning of the 32bit location is constant and
the second LS 16bit are changing.
By looking back to my system log I see the message start with my upgrade
from 2.6.5 kernel to Now I use
My kernel was compiled without SMP.
My CPU is a P4 Celeron at 2.4GHz and mainboard have SiS 955 chipset.
I use this system as a Sat PVR and the system does not have keyboard or
monitor and I cannot confirm is frequency of this message change when I
use the system interactively.

I hope that we find a solution to this issue before my HDD will be full
because of the logging :-)


David Sobon wrote:

>    I have a DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-T Lite pci card. Initially, I had
>this card running on linux kernel 2.6.10, SMP enabled, on a rather
>slow dual cpu system. no kernel warnings/error messages about the card
>during usage. However, I decided to upgrade to an amd athlon 3000+ and
>asus motherboard system, and I unexpected noticed kernel warnings.
>These are the messages I get:
>Mar  5 19:48:49 gearbox kernel: bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_f6e5008
>Mar  5 19:48:49 gearbox kernel: bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f6e5008
>Mar  5 19:48:49 gearbox kernel: bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1ff6e5008
>Mar  5 19:48:49 gearbox kernel: bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=f6e5008
>Mar  5 19:48:49 gearbox kernel: bt878(0): irq FDSR f6e5008
>with "last message repeated XX times" in between. What's interesting
>to note is the location of the 32bit address - it's overwriting the
>prefix string at random locations.
>disabling powernowd before stream dumping reduced the instances when
>it would occur but still happens when interactively using the machine.
>Is there a solution to this, other than downgrading to my old dual p2
>system? heh.
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