[linux-dvb] What am I doing wrong with this Twinhan card?

Tim Bates tin at new-life.org.au
Tue Apr 12 11:48:32 CEST 2005

> $ makelinks  kernel-sorce directory..
> After this i manually compile my kernel and install the standard kernel
> way of doing things ..
> To load the modules it would be just the same... To have a list of
> modules i have them at the wiki ..

Done that now... And still getting the exact same problem.
Everything looks fine until this:
"dvb-bt8xx: A frontend driver was not found for device 109e/0878
subsystem 0000/0000"

> I don't see the confusing part..

Confusing part was lack of instruction on how to actually do anything
with what you get from the CVS. I followed the supplied instructions and
didnt get anywhere.

On another topic.... Why does this mailing list not set the reply 
address to the list?

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