[linux-dvb] "DigitalRise" (Twinhan) cards worth buying

Tim Small tim at buttersideup.com
Wed Apr 13 00:41:04 CEST 2005


I was thinking of buying one DVB-S, and one DVB-T card to use in my 
P3-766 Debian box, having looked around the web a bit, I found a site, 
selling the sat cards very cheaply, and the terrestrials at a reasonable 
price.  I am having difficulty working out which cards are supported, 
and which not, so before paying the relatively high overseas shipping 
(Germany -> UK), I was wondering if anyone knows if I'm likely to have 
any luck with any of them?

I am comfortable with patching kernels, and have done a bit of light 
hacking on a couple of kernel drivers in the past.

I was thinking of either the 3020C, or 3021 terrestrial cards (is either 
one any better than the other?), and the 1025, or 1020A sat cards 
(again, is either one better than the other?):


As for the shop (sorry if this looks like a plug - it's not) I've never 
dealt with them before, they just seemed good value, and I thought the 
pics from the site might help if there are multiple versions of the cards.

Any comments welcome (especially if anyone know of a cheaper supplier, 
preferably in the UK in case of returns etc..)?



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