[linux-dvb] Firmware (dvb-ttusb-dec-3000s.fw) unavailable.

Markus Posch markus at posch.at
Wed Apr 13 09:51:36 CEST 2005

Hy @all.

Now I had installet the release of kubuntu 5.04.

but there is still this problem:

when i connect the dec 3000 i got this in dmesg:

Apr 13 09:15:46 localhost kernel: usb 3-1: new full speed USB device 
using uhci_hcd and address 2
Apr 13 09:15:57 localhost usb.agent[8890]:      ttusb_dec: loaded 
Apr 13 09:15:57 localhost kernel: ttusb_dec: Firmware 
1.15<3>ttusb_dec_boot_dsp: Firmware (dvb-ttusb-dec-3000s.fw) unavailable.
Apr 13 09:15:57 localhost kernel: usb_unlink_urb() is deprecated for 
synchronous unlinks.  Use usb_kill_urb() instead.
Apr 13 09:15:57 localhost last message repeated 3 times
Apr 13 09:15:57 localhost kernel: usbcore: registered new driver ttusb-dec

the firmware has the right name and is placd in /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware.

the script dvb.sh and the rules are added.

but there is still no adapter and no frontent in /dev.

in lsmod i got:

Module                  Size  Used by
ttusb_dec              21320  0
dvb_core               81704  1 ttusb_dec
ttusbdecfe              3680  1 ttusb_dec
firmware_class          9984  1 ttusb_dec
video                  15972  0
usbhid                 31936  0
i2c_core               22320  1 i2c_i801
ehci_hcd               32708  0
uhci_hcd               32816  0
usbcore               119000  6 

what is wrong?
please help me.


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