[linux-dvb] airstar2 /dev/dvb disappears

Simon Robert simon.robert at oldhouse-cottage.co.uk
Sat Apr 16 10:33:53 CEST 2005

I have a similar problem in that the drivers and devices are not 
installed at boot up no matter what I do with rc.local. I have modified 
the makedev-dvb script so I can run the following in /etc. ie ./run-dvb.

this file called run-dvb


if [ -e /dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0 ]; then
        echo "               the following dvb devices exist"
        ls -al /dev/dvb
        ls -al /dev/dvb/adapter0
        echo "               dvb devices do not exist."
        echo "               creating dvb devices.............."
        sh make-dvb
        ls -al /dev/dvb
        ls -al /dev/dvb/adapter0

and this file called make-dvb


modprobe skystar2
modprobe stv0299

if [ -e /dev/.devfsd ]; then

        echo "It seems you are using devfs. Good!"

        exit 0


# get rid of old DVB API devices...

rm -rf /dev/ost
rm -rf /dev/ost
rm -rf /dev/dvb
rm -rf /dev/dvb

mkdir /dev/dvb
chmod 755 /dev/dvb

for i in `seq 0 0`; do
#       echo "Creating DVB devices in /dev/dvb/adapter$i"
        mkdir /dev/dvb/adapter$i
        chmod 755 /dev/dvb/adapter$i
#   Changed device major number from 250 to 212
        mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/video0 c 212 `expr 64 \* $i + 0`
        mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/audio0 c 212 `expr 64 \* $i + 1`
        mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/frontend0 c 212 `expr 64 \* $i + 3`
        mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/demux0 c 212 `expr 64 \* $i + 4`
        mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/dvr0 c 212 `expr 64 \* $i + 5`
        mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/ca0 c 212 `expr 64 \* $i + 6`
        mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/net0 c 212 `expr 64 \* $i + 7`
        mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/osd0 c 212 `expr 64 \* $i + 8`
        chown simon.video /dev/dvb/adapter$i/*

you need to be root to run it and have a group called video of which you 
are a member.

Any ideas on why my lines in modprobe.conf and rc.local do nothing? They 
used to work just fine before I reinstalled everything, the lines are 
standard and have been shown here many times. The kernel is 2.6.8-10mdk 
and detected the skystar2 card on installation. It all works fine, but 
is a little anoying.


Johannes Stezenbach wrote:

>Christian Schmitt wrote:
>>However I still have one major issue: The correspondig entrys in the
>>/dev/dvb directory disappear from time to time and it is rather tricky
>>to get them back :-)
>>I use udev and when I boot my computer, the driver gets loaded by
>>hotplug/coldplug. But It happens more often than not, that I get no
>>dvb entry in /dev which makes my card unusable. I was not able to find
>>out when exactly this problem occurs, but it's hard work to get the
>>entry back. I have to reboot my machine several times and if I am
>>lucky, the entry appears again after several reboots. Then I can start
>>kaffeine or xine and watch TV for hours without any problem, but when
>>I stop watching TV and close the program, the /dev/dvb directory might
>>disappear again after some time. I had this problem already with the
>>skystar2 driver, but it also occurs with the flexcop driver as well.
>If the entries in /sys/class/dvb/ are there then it is an udev problem.
>Maybe your udev is too old?
>If /sys/class/dvb/ is empty then post what dmesg has to say during
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