[linux-dvb] Nexus-S v2.3 driver status question

Teemu Toivanen teetoi at utu.fi
Mon Apr 18 12:39:04 CEST 2005

Hello.. I'm directing this question here, because v2.3 driver discussing
is happening here...

I've read that on cvs tree with 2.6.11 kernel TechnoTrends C2300
premium card would work (I assume this is same as Nexus-S v2.3,
Technotrend Premium DVB-C 2300 OT)

I'm just about to by dvb card.. either TT-C premium v2.3 or TT-C premium
v2.1 (Technotrend DVB-C 2.1 Premium Edition) which has better support at
the moment.

Is 2.3 driver stable enough to consider buying that one?
Has anyone tried the analog input on the card and does it work? (this is
why I'd like to buy this card)
Do you recommend buying the older version or going with the newer one?

ps. Price is same for both cards so that does not make any difference

Thank you. 

Teemu Toivanen <teetoi at utu.fi>

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