[linux-dvb] Nexus-S v2.3 driver status question

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Mon Apr 18 19:18:02 CEST 2005

Teemu Toivanen wrote:
> Hello.. I'm directing this question here, because v2.3 driver discussing
> is happening here...
> Lead:
> I've read that on cvs tree with 2.6.11 kernel TechnoTrends C2300
> premium card would work (I assume this is same as Nexus-S v2.3,
> Technotrend Premium DVB-C 2300 OT)

DVB-C(able) is not DVB-S(atellite)!

> I'm just about to by dvb card.. either TT-C premium v2.3 or TT-C premium
> v2.1 (Technotrend DVB-C 2.1 Premium Edition) which has better support at
> the moment.
> Questions:
> Is 2.3 driver stable enough to consider buying that one?

There is no special 2.3 driver, but the old driver has been modified to
support new card revisions.

The DVB-S Nexus-S rev. 2.3 works with current CVS drivers.
There are some features which are not tested yet (DiSEqC, Tone-Burst).

> Has anyone tried the analog input on the card and does it work? (this is
> why I'd like to buy this card)
> Do you recommend buying the older version or going with the newer one?
> ps. Price is same for both cards so that does not make any difference
> here...

I don't know whether the latest DVB-C cards work without problems.


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