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Q raid517 at fairadsl.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 22:41:35 CEST 2005

I guess if no one can come up with an answer, my only option is to buy 
some kind of PC to TV external box. I would like to avoid that expense 
though, so if anyone has any more suggestions, I'd be very keen to hear 
them. Again, does anyone out there actually own one of these cards?


lamikr wrote:

> Sorry that I can not help directly for getting tv out working with the 
> normal display cards but here is description how
> things works for me...
> I am using Technotrends ff card which has coaxial tv-out + analog 
> sound out in itself. Card costs itself about 200 euros.
> If you want better rgp tv-out or digital spdif sound output then you 
> need also buy (or some people make this by themself)
> extra connector which costs about 20 euros. (Card has so called j2 
> spins which provides those features but for some reason are
> not used by default)
> The tv out of this card does not have X windows drivers, so you can 
> not get your X window games etc to work with this card.
> Instead you need to use a software called VDR 
> (http://www.cadsoft.de/vdr/) which has it's own menus and controls for 
> scheduling recordings,
> changing channels, playing mp3 and watching divx/dvd movies.
> Most of those functionalities are provided by the plugins. I am for 
> example using about 10 different plugins.
> (mplayer plugin is used for decoding divx, etc...)
> I have this computer directly connected to my stereos and from there 
> to tv and I control it by using remote control.
> In addition I have connected this to network so I can telnet to it or 
> use a software called vdr-admin which
> works over the http browser and allows control the vdr software in 
> this way.
> (http://linvdr.org/projects/vdradmin/)
> I have noticed that there is also an X-11 plugin which I believe would 
> allow getting x-display apps to be visible in tv but the plugin is 
> sayd to be experimental, is not developed for couple of years and I do 
> not believe the performance would be good with a games like doom3.
> So if you want to get those kind of games working with your VDR, then 
> I would suggest testing whether you could use mplayer or kaffeine
> as your vdr base and try to find a working tv out card... Does ATI 
> claim that the tv-out is supported by their binary drivers for this card?
> Mika
> Q wrote:
>> Hi, I know this is a long shot - and it might not strictly be related 
>> to this list (well it is and it isn't really) I am curious if anyone 
>> out there is using a radeon X800 video card and has managed to get TV 
>> out working with it?
>> The whole Linux TV, PVR/VDR thing isn't much use to me without TV 
>> out. Unfortunately regardless of what drivers I have used, whethere 
>> they are propriatory ATI fglrx, or open source ATI, vesa or whatever, 
>> I can't seem to get TV out working.
>> Any hints or tips anyone can offer (particularly if anybody has one 
>> of these cards) would be very much appreciated.
>> Best regards,
>> GJ
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