[linux-dvb] dvb trouble with the pinnacle 300i (mt352)

Gerd Knorr kraxel at bytesex.org
Thu Apr 21 20:45:35 CEST 2005

Rainer Schubert <lintv at dl6hbo.inka.de> writes:

> > mt352_read_register: readreg error (reg=1, ret==-5)

> > Is this a problem that people are trying to fix or have I just bought a
> > crap card? I got the pinnacle to replace my Nova-T (which could receive
> > channels just fine) because it has analog as well.

Well, read access to the status registers seems to make the mt352
unhappy.  It's not clear why this happens on that card.  According to
pinnacle the IRQ line of the mt352 is connected to GPIO pin #23 on the
saa7134.  So it should be possible to stop polling the status
registers and switch to a IRQ-driven handling.


#define printk(args...) fprintf(stderr, ## args)

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