[linux-dvb] Kernel panic w/ CVS drivers and Nexus-CA / TT C2300 OT (rev 2.3)

Ralph Metzler rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Fri Apr 22 02:39:55 CEST 2005

Johannes Stezenbach writes:
 > Ralph Metzler wrote:
 > > The call sequence above should not happen this way. Easy to fix.
 > How? Have you fixed it in your av7110 driver?

Not yet. 
Basically, data coming from the debiirq from filters which are set to 
already be played back internally should not cause writes to the playback
buffer. There is a check missing somewhere. 
It will not be played back anyway (those checks are not missing ...)
and e.g. mode switching is handled by the firmware in this case
(or did that change?).

 > > The other bug is in dvb_dmx_swfilter, which should not lock for user
 > > space calls. It also (purposely) did not until it was abused for IRQ calls of
 > > cards with unaligned TS data.
 > I think it still doesn't. Or maybe it's too late at night and I
 > can't see the lock ;-/
 > Do you mean dvbdmx_write()?

Yes. One should probably instead use the filter mutex for such calls
from user space.


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