[linux-dvb] UK dvb scan files for Dover, DoverB, Bluebell Hill (in theory)

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Sat Apr 23 23:47:15 CEST 2005

La La wrote:
> I had a lot of trouble scanning channels for my
> region. Eventually I read enough to create the
> frequency files used by (dvb)scan for Dover and DoverB
> which I've tested and another for Bluebell Hill
> (Maidstone area) which I haven't but follows the same
> data I got from here:
> http://www.dtg.org.uk/retailer/tx_lse.html
> and the formula 
> ( channel * 8 + 306 ) * 1000000
> to go from the channel number to the frequency.
> They work but I get some dupe channels at slightly
> different frequencies and different qam stuff. I used
> uk-TheWrekin as the template. It has the same QAM
> stuff as this page so I hope that is consistent
> throughout the country.
> http://www.dtg.org.uk/retailer/dtt_channels.html
> Not that I understand any of this.
> They weren't in CVS so I've attached them in a tar file.



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