[linux-dvb] Patches to fix support for VisionPlus DTV (VP1020) / tuning problem

Steffen Motzer motzersn at tlink.de
Sun Apr 24 15:42:44 CEST 2005

Steffen Motzer wrote:
> This revised patch for dst.c also fixes the tuning problems. It seems 
> that sometimes the asic acknowledged a command but failed to execute it. 
> This might have also be the reason why sometimes szap reported that the 
> tuner supposedly had lost the lock on the signal even though it did not.

In order to decrease the delay ASIC_DELAY I did some testing and found
out that the absolute minimum with my card is 18ms. With 17ms there are
many dst_error_recovery messages in the log but the card does tune after
calling dst_error_recovery a couple of times. With any value lower the
card almost never tunes.

I think 20ms should be a safe value for this card.

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