[linux-dvb] cx2388x support - 90002

Jon Fairbairn jonf.dvb at mailnull.com
Mon Apr 25 19:54:43 CEST 2005

On 2005-04-25 at 08:41EDT Steve Toth wrote:
> Can we do better? [...]

> My long term preference is to have _ALL_ of the required
> software for the existing Nova-T 90002 and the new DVB-S
> design, under the linux DVB project, not v4l. This will
> make life for non-kernel guru's a lot easier when
> configuring the hardware.

> Clearly, V4l will deal with the cx2388x products that have
> external analogue inputs. To some degree, if the user is
> only interested in DVB support, they load the much
> simplified DVB project drivers. Otherwise, if they also
> want external analog/video support, they can chose to use
> V4l for BOTH DVB and analog.
> Both mechanisms work equally as well for DVB, but one
> approach will significantly make the 90002 and future
> designs easier to configure quickly.
> Any comments?

I have a Nova-T that has no analogue part, and it would make
life much easier not to have to patch the kernel to get it
to work. At present it's really tedious to have to apply
several patches every time my distro releases an updated

> Also, how does everyone see the V4l/DVB relationship for
> some DVB products?

Since the analogue card I have ultimately produces digital
(what else!) it would be nice if the drivers for it produced
a transport stream out of /dev/whatever, so that I didn't
have to think twice about the difference.


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