[linux-dvb] cx2388x support - 90002

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Tue Apr 26 00:07:47 CEST 2005

Steve Toth wrote:
> I'm almost finish the drivers for a new DVB-S design, which will be 
> released real soon, also based on the cx2388x pci bridge. This is 
> currently based on the V4l patches and a seperate frontend demod driver, 
> but could work equaly as well using the standalone pci driver.
> My long term preference is to have _ALL_ of the required software for 
> the existing Nova-T 90002 and the new DVB-S design, under the linux DVB 
> project, not v4l. This will make life for non-kernel guru's a lot easier 
> when configuring the hardware.
> Does anyone have a good reason why the standalone PCI bridge driver 
> should not be submitted for inclusion into the linux dvb tv project, to 
> simplify DVB product support?

Having two drivers for the same hardware is bad. I don't like it.
Moreover, if I would post a patch to add a second cx2388x driver
to lkml I would expect to get flamed to death. So I won't do it.
I won't keep you back if you want to try your luck on lkml yourself.
If they approve of it I won't stand in your way.

The current situation with the maintainerless v4l isn't good,
but instead of whining about it you should do what you can
to ensure that 2.6.12 will contain the necessary patches
to support your cards. AFAIK all of Gerd's stuff is in 2.6.12-rc3,
so if your cards aren't working you should send your patches
to Andrew Morton asap. (If there are DVB patches in CVS that
you need then please tell me.)


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