[linux-dvb] WinTV Nova-T under FC3 2.6.11

Sid Boyce sboyce at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Apr 26 03:41:34 CEST 2005

Simon Baxter wrote:
> There was a duplication in module dependencies.  The same modules appear 
> in the kernel as well as the pluggable module.
> I edited  /lib/modules/  while looking at all the 
> devices installed by the "dl.bytesex" 'make install', I moved all files 
> that were in the kernel as well as in the module elsewhere, then issued 
> a 'depmod -ae' to clean out the dependencies.  They're now all in :
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> .
Sometime I shall see if I can modify Make.config so the video4linux 
modules overwrite the kernel ones to such avoid mishaps. It took a while 
before I tracked the problem down by looking at modules.dep and saw it 
was trying to load some from the kernel and the others from video4linux.
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