[linux-dvb] dvr device reading hangs - patch

Krzysztof Matula km at km.apnet.pl
Thu Apr 28 20:24:17 CEST 2005

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
>>+	/* We may not block here if there are some bytes available in the 
>>+	   buffer - poll() may have informed the client about that!
>>+	   Note that EWOULDBLOCK will never be returned in that case. */
>>+	if (src->pwrite != src->pread)
>>+		non_blocking = 1;
>> 	while (todo>0) {
>> 		if (non_blocking && (src->pwrite==src->pread))
>> 			return (count-todo) ? (count-todo) : -EWOULDBLOCK;
> The patch is not correct, but isn't really wrong either ;-/
> The question is: Why is there a while (todo>0) loop? My guess
> is that this is a performance optimization as it probably results
> in fewer read() calls. But I'm not convinced that it gives any
> substantial improvement, as programs that use O_NONBLOCK seem

I don't observe performance degradation when working with O_NONBLOCK 
either. However, I guess this may be different on really slow machines.

> to work fine (e.g. VDR). Your patch is just an obfuscated version
> of removing the loop.

Yes and no...
Having relatively fast reading thread there's usually no data collected 
and read() will wait in the loop until the buffer is filled.

> So if we want to restore "read() after POLLIN won't block" semantics
> we need to drop the loop.
> Or we can document the "read() after POLLIN can block unless you use
> O_NONBLOCK" behaviour.

I'd suggest not going that way.


> Please cast your vote.
> Johannes

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