[linux-dvb] RF Out (passthrough) on NOVA-T

Jack list-lirc at jack.org.uk
Fri Aug 5 01:30:12 CEST 2005


	I have a cx88 based Nova-T card. Well, to be more precise, I have two.
Both cards work fine when plugged into the ariel. I also have a
male-female coax cablewhich also works fine.

The Nova-T cards have an 'RF OUT' port which I guess is meant to be a
passthrough of the original signal so you can also plug in a normal TV
to receive the broadcast channels, in much the same way as it works on a
video recorder. (I know this is not so you can output the computer's
sceen to the TV). However, this does not work. Do I need to do anything
special to enable this, or will I be stuck having to split the cable
before reaching the cards?



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