[linux-dvb] LG Innotek TDVS-H062F / TDVS-H061F

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Fri Aug 5 22:38:13 CEST 2005

Mac Michaels wrote:

>Using the tda9887 driver is easy and it works.
>I added this line to the definition of  
>CX88_BOARD_DVICO_FUSIONHDTV_5_GOLD card in cx88-cards.c:
>	.tda9887_conf   = TDA9887_PRESENT,
>I also need to set the force mute capability tda9887 from 
>the dvb driver the when I tune a digital channel. The 
>tda9887 makes an annoying sound when tuned to a digital 
>signal. I have verified this using an ugly test hack to set 
>the force mute bit. I know what needs to be done to mute 
>the tda9887, but I am not sure what the interace should 
>look like.
I saw this email from you JUST AFTER I issued the "cvs commit" command.  
I have already included the line as you have stated above into the card 
#31 definition in cx88-cards.c ... great minds think alike.  :-)  I've 
also altered some of the GPIO values for this board, and the FusionHDTV3 
Gold-T, with values attained from regspy.

I'm not sure what the answer is as to the interface for muting w/ 
regards to the dvb driver... maybe someone else has some ideas?

Michael Krufky

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