[linux-dvb] down_interruptible usage

Kenneth Aafløy kenneth at linuxtv.org
Sun Aug 7 00:32:03 CEST 2005

lørdag 06 august 2005, 23:54, skrev Johannes Stezenbach:
> On Sat, Aug 06, 2005 Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
> > lørdag 06 august 2005, 21:08, skrev Johannes Stezenbach:
> > > Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
> > > > Is changing all down_interruptible (that protects freeing a
> > > > structure) to down(), or will this have other unseen side-effects?
> > >
> > > Generally speaking, a driver should only sleep uninterruptibly
> > > if you can make absolutely sure it won't sleep forever, even
> > > in an obscure error case. If you can guarantee that from
> > > reading the code, then it's best to change the down() to
> > > down_interruptible(), otherwise it's better to handle the
> > > error from down_interruptible() correctly.
> > >
> > > (If a process is stuck in uninterruptible sleep you usually
> > > have to reboot to get rid of it, which is bad.)
> >
> > Ok, but do you think it is better interrupt freeing a resource
> > that can't be reclaimed later, or _maybe_ break some other part
> > because of deadlocks?
> Choose your poison...
> Maybe you could explain the "can't be reclaimed later" part?
> Why is it not possible to handle down_interruptible() interruption
> currectly? And, BTW, what exactly is the problem that you found?

I found that filters is lost because down_interruptible is interrupted,
and not re-entered. This is in dmxdev.c's release for section filters,
where the signal is SIGINT.

> I guess if you experimentally change it to down() you will soon
> find out if it causes problems I would just prefer if you read 
> the code and think about what could cause it to hang indefinitely
> (e.g. buggy driver or hardware problems).

I can't see any reason why the specific case above in dmxdev.c's release
would cause it to hang indefinatly. If there is a buggy driver, this will
only expose the bug, which imho is not critical! Hardware problems should
be handled with timeouts in the critical sections.
I don't see the problem here.


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