[linux-dvb] AVerTV-771 not working anymore

Ronny Peine RonnyPeine at gmx.de
Wed Aug 10 00:15:45 CEST 2005


Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> If you get intermittent i2c bus problems I would guess it is
> an electrical problem. Or does it work on one boot (then reliably)
> and not at all on some other boot?
Yes it is exactly like this. If it works on boottime, it works the whole 
time, but if a get a readreg error at boottime/after a hardreset, than 
it doesn't work the whole time the system is running or mostly even 
after reboots.

> The bttv-i2c module has a debug parameter and a i2c_hw switch
> to drive the bus by hardware or software (bit banging). You could
> try to play with this. You could also try to play with the
> timings in bttv_i2c_algo_bit_template.
I know, a played with it quite a time, i will check this further if the 
card is giving me readreg errors again.

Jim Jowski wrote:
 > As dumb as it might sound, try reseating the card.  I've seen too many
 > problems with intermittent hardware in the past 30 years that have
 > been fixed by a reseat.
Yes i tried this with patching the mt352 sources as mentioned in a 
previous mail. I thought that the mt352 driver doesn't reset the card 
correctly and therefor old registervalues are stored in the card and 
kicks ass i2c but it didn't help. Maybe a reset at the end of 
module-unloading of mt352 could prevent these readreg errors.

Thanks for all your answers. As always this list is very helpful.

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