[linux-dvb] - DEC3000s -- dvbscan fails - build channel list with kaffeine fails -

Peter Beutner p.beutner at gmx.net
Thu Aug 11 13:23:03 CEST 2005

Johann schrieb:
> Hi,
> First of all thanks for your answers.
> I'll try your proposal as soon as possible (I'm not at home for now!),
> but I've yet some comments/questions related to your response.
>>>no support for the CI of the dec2450t and the dec3000s, so no support
> for any encrypted channels.
> I guess dealing with the CAM is a job for the DEC3000s (since it's able
> to decode encrypted channels in standalone mode).
> So, I can understand a (DEC3000s) firmware is indirectly responsible of
> channel decryption, but how the linux-dvb (driver) can be involved in it.
> I was thinking (please remind I'm a newbie) linux-dvb is asking for a
> decrypted stream using some informations (like channels, or
> frequencies...) and linux-dvb is handling this stream, end of the story.
> In other words, from PC/linux-dvb point of view handling not encrypted
> or encrypted channel should be the same (at least for device like
> DEC3000s that can run in standalone mode).
hmm, might be that way. But iirc there was a report from somebody with a 
DEC2540t(which is basically a DEC2000t + CI slot) on this mailing list 
who said that it only worked for not encrypted channels.
But probably you only know for sure if you try it yourself ;)

> About the firmware, is it provided by hauppauge? If yes, is it the same
> for hauppauge windows application or/and linux-dvb?
The firmware is taken from the windows application.

>>>AV711x chip is a "quite sensitive beast and hangs often".
> I guess it's not only a driver problem (but firmware) since
> unfortunately the DEC3000s is unstable in standalone mode too.
have you checked if there is maybe a firmware update available?


> Regards.
> Johann

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