[linux-dvb] Re: Fusion HDTV 5

David Engel gigem at comcast.net
Sat Aug 13 19:16:53 CEST 2005

On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 06:52:26AM -0400, Michael Krufky wrote:
> I *highly* recommend subscribing to the linux-dvb mailing list (cc'd).  

Yes, I should have done that when the discussion with Mac moved beyond
a few driver feature/capability questions.  I have now dones so.

> The -A2 command tells atscscan that it is dealing with cable rather than 
> OTA.

Thanks for pointing that out.  I had misread the help and thought the
default was to scan both OTA and cable.

> where "atsc/cable-channels-QAM64" is replaced by the location of a new 
> frequency table contain QAM64 entries (instead of QAM256 entries.  For 
> starters, try making a new copy of the QAM256 freq table, and edit it, 
> replacing all occurrances of QAM256 with QAM64.

I had done that before, but without the -A2.  A rescan of QAM64 with
-A2 detected 31 channels on 2 frequencies.  However, all of them were
only identified by 4 hex digits and none of the several I tried with
azap saw any signal.  Might this indicate a filter on my cable with
just a hint of a signal getting through?

> It would be nice to hear good test results from you using this card w/ 
> QAM64 ... So far, QAM64 is the only untested modulation.  (I had GREAT 
> results w/ QAM256, and Mac has done his tests using 8VSB) ...

As I said on another message sent to the v4l list, I have found a
neighbor who gets digital cable.  I am going to rebuild my spare
computer this afternoon to take over there tonight or tomorrow and
scan on a known good cable.

David Engel
gigem at comcast.net

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