[linux-dvb] Re: Fusion HDTV 5

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Mon Aug 15 04:02:24 CEST 2005

David Engel wrote:

>Here are the results from this effort.
>A QAM64 scan detected 150 or so entries on 18 frequencies and a QAM256
>scan detected about 15 entries on 5 frequencies.  Is it expected to
>see both modulations used on the same cable?
>One thing I'm a bit puzzled by is that nearly all entries have 0 for
>the video pid.  For example, most frequencies have a handful of
>entries with different audio pids but the same video pid of 0.  Is
>that normal?
>I didn't want to impose on my neighbor any more than I already was, so
>I didn't do an exhaustive check of every detected entry.  I tried
>around 35 or so and was never able to find a signal with azap.
>Unless anyone has other suggestions to try, I guess everything on my
>cable system is encrypted.  I'm dissapointed, but not terribly
>surprised by that.  I'll just go to my backup plan which is to hold
>onto the card and use its ATSC capabilities when I get an HDTV.
Yup... sounds like they're all encrypted.... That's strange... Most 
cable companied offer the local channels unencrypted.

>Finally, my Fusion card still has a very poor picture using NTSC
>capture (very high brightness and washed out colors) so any help with
>that would also be appreciated.
Try setting contrast down to 25% .... Many people have said that this helps.

Michael Krufky

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