[linux-dvb] Anysee E30 USB2 DVB-T support?

Pekka.Panula at sofor.fi Pekka.Panula at sofor.fi
Tue Aug 16 14:38:22 CEST 2005

linux-dvb-bounces at linuxtv.org wrote on 16.08.2005 14:58:46:

> On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 Pekka.Panula at sofor.fi wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I have this new Anysee E30 USB2 DVB-T device. It seems there is 
> > no drivers for Linux?
> No not yet. If we are lucky it is just a clone of a device where a 
> already exists. We have to find out!
> Do you have an URL of the Manufacturer?

Well, it's http://www.anysee.com/, it's an Korean manufacturer.

> Can have a look on the Windows driver CD for the driver's .inf-files? 
> you please post them or put them online and send the URL?

I zipped whole cd-rom and you can download it, it's about 200 MB file, 
from URL http://www.lapua.net/anysee_cdrom.zip, allthough you can download 
from www.anysee.com it's drivers and application program also (
http://anysee.com/eng/download/01udk2050t.php), drivers only take about 45 
kB zipped.

> Did you get that lsusb -v right after plugging in the device or after a 
> warm-start from Windows? To question is actually if this device needs a 
> firmware to load. This can be answered with the help of the .inf-files.

I did plug it to my Linux laptop and then did lsusb -v.

> While having the usbsnoop-program running (and the filter installed) 
> in the device and instruct the Windows program to do a channel scan. You 

> will see the usbsnoop.log-file growing.
> When done with the scanning, compress the file, put it somewhere online 
> and send the URL.

Okay, i did that, you can download this, about 50 megs zipped file, from 
I started Anysee viewer and did scan channels and then quited program.
> Also every other technical detail (high-res picture of the innards, and 
> descriptions and labels from the box's case) can be helpful, too. But 
> usbsnoop-log is the most important help.

Well, i do not have any camera available just now, but i see if i can open 
it and try to see what's inside.

   Pekka Panula, Net Servant Oy - A Sofor company
   pekka.panula at sofor.fi
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