Clarify Menuconfig question (Was Re: [linux-dvb] Avermedia 771 and kernel 2.6.13-rc6)

Johannes Stezenbach js at
Tue Aug 16 21:13:48 CEST 2005

On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 12:49:59PM -0400, Michael Krufky wrote:
> Johannes-
> This minor Kconfig fix might be good for 2.6.13 ... it may help to 
> reduce confusion... If you dont fix this before I get home tonight, I'll 
> commit a change to cvs.

Please do, I'm busy with other things atm. If you want it to
go into 2.6.13 you'll also want to send this patch to akpm yourself.

> Unrelated, I sent you an email a few weeks ago 
> asking you not to submit lgdt330x changes upstream until the cx88-dvb 
> counterpart is ready.  As of now, 2.6.13 DOES include recent versions of 
> both cx88-dvb and lgdt330x, and there are some minor fixes inside 
> lgdt330x that can be merged upstream whenever you feel like sending more 
> patches.  These recent changes don't need to go right now, but I am just 
> giving you the heads up that we arent held back by cx88-dvb any 
> longer... the v4l & dvb trees are in sync again, with respect to 
> cx88-dvb.  (the dependency problems are gone, for now)  Any changes from 
> this point on can be merged at your leisure, unless the interface 
> changes again.

I won't send any patches before 2.6.13 is out. Also, I lost
track what you submitted to -mm and what not, so please
feel free to send lgdt330x related patches yourself.


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