[linux-dvb] Last rev of skystar-usb, still compatible with linux dvb driver ?

Lavoie.S serge.lavoie at laposte.net
Wed Aug 17 21:51:17 CEST 2005


i'm trying to get working my new dvb-s technisat skystar-USB box in  
my 667mhz macintosh powerbook G4, using the last Mandriva-Linux-2005- 
Limited-Edition distro for ppc with 2.6.13-rc5 custom made kernel.  
Unfortunately, after several days of trials i'm still running into  
trouble, the reason that's why i claim some helps and advices from  
the linuxtv community :

I downloaded from CVS the "dvb-kernel" dir  in "/usr/src/", made a  
"DVB" symlink pointing to "/usr/src/dvb-kernel" in "/usr/local/src",  
then :

# cd /usr/local/src/DVB
# ln -s linux/include include
# cd DVB/build-2.6
# make

the compil process goes on without problems...and i'm using devfs so  
no need for ./MAKEDEV-DVB.sh to install card services. Now :

# cd /usr/local/src/DVB/build-2.6
# ./insmod.sh load
Inserting DVB modules into kernel
FATAL: Module i2c-core not found.
FATAL: Module crc32 not found.
insmod: error inserting './dvb-usb-digitv.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in  
[root at localhost build-2.6]#

despite the message above , modules seems to load correctly. At this  
moment if i power on my flexcop based skystar device and plug it into  
the usb port of my laptop, the sytem fails to probe it with success  
as indicated in "/var/log/messages" :

# tail /var/log/messages
Aug 17 18:12:40 localhost kernel: usb 1-1: new full speed USB device  
using ohci_hcd and address 3
Aug 17 18:12:40 localhost kernel: flexcop_usb: running at FULL speed.
Aug 17 18:12:40 localhost kernel: b2c2-flexcop: unkown FlexCop  
Revision: 8. Please report the linux-dvb at linuxtv.org.
Aug 17 18:12:40 localhost kernel: DVB: registering new adapter  
(FlexCop DigitalTV device).
Aug 17 18:12:40 localhost kernel: b2c2-flexcop: MAC address =  
Aug 17 18:12:41 localhost kernel: b2c2-flexcop: found the stv0299 at  
i2c address: 0x68
Aug 17 18:12:41 localhost kernel: DVB: registering frontend 0 (ST  
STV0299 DVB-S)...
Aug 17 18:12:41 localhost kernel: b2c2-flexcop: initialization of  
'Sky2PC/SkyStar 2 DVB-S' at the 'USB' bus controlled by a 'Unkown  
chip' complete
Aug 17 18:12:41 localhost kernel: flexcop_usb: submitting urb 0  
failed with -90.
Aug 17 18:12:41 localhost kernel: b2c2_flexcop_usb: probe of 1-1:1.0  
failed with error -90
[root at localhost root]#

Anyway, to be definitely sure , i decided to scan a transponder with  
the "scan" utility :

[root at localhost root]# cd /usr/src/linuxtv-dvb-apps-1.1.0/util/scan
[root at localhost scan]# ./scan -s 2 dvb-s/Nilesat-7.0W | tee  
scanning dvb-s/Nilesat-7.0W
using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
main:1882: FATAL: failed to open '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0': 2 No  
such file or directory
[root at localhost scan]#

It's clear that the device refused to work, although the modules were  
loaded correctly. I suspect but i'm not sure that technisat has  
changed somehow the hardware in this newest revision of the model, or  
may be i forget some patches to apply to the dvb driver...I would be  
pleased if someone can help me to found the origin of my troubles.

If needed , i can provide you with further informations like "lsmod",  
"lspci -v", "dmesg", content of ".config" in "/usr/src/linux"... They  
take so much space, so i prefer to omit them for this first mail.


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