[linux-dvb] udev creating device nodes too slow

Uberto Barbini uberto at ubiland.net
Thu Aug 18 19:53:11 CEST 2005

> > Now, is there a trick that would help udev to create device nodes for
> > DVB devices instantly? Or should I build the modules statically into the
> > kernel? Another solution could be removing udev and going back to devfs,
> > but as devfs is obsolete I'd like to stay away from that possibility.
> I also observed this, and I think it is an udev issue, but didn't
> look into it so far. It might not be udev directly but something else
> called from hotplug events, like HAL.
> In case it matters, I'm using Debian unstable.
> Would be cool if someone had time to look into it.

I had the same problem.
I checked that /sys/driver/dvb/xxx appears as soon as the drivers are loaded 
(1-2 sec.) but udev agent is not called for 8-9 seconds more.
Maybe it's a hotplug issue.
Anyway I plan to investigate further asap.

I have a gentoo with 2.6.12

Bye Uberto

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