[linux-dvb] libsoftmpeg

hunold at linuxtv.org hunold at linuxtv.org
Fri Aug 19 10:15:53 CEST 2005

Hello Christian, 

Christian Gmeiner writes:
> I have found your project and i am quite interesed in it. I am looking
> for a well written mpeg demuxer, which i can use in the dxr3-plugin
> for mplayer.
> Since the init commit there aren't any changes, does this mean, that the
> project is stoped or is it bugfree?

I stopped to work on the project when I left my former employer. It's in the 
"It works most of the time, but has it's known problems" state. Currently 
it's unmaintained. 

Especially the deumxer is not very fault tolerant and has some design bugs 
wrt. to memory management, ie. it might segfault if too many broken PES 
packets come in. 

I needed to write everything from scratch, because the project had to be 
LGPL software, so I could not take any demuxer from another project. 

The sync code uses the audio PTS to achieve a/v sync. This works very good 
for live streams, but does not work for recordings that well and is unusable 
for trickmodes in recordings. 

The code was written in a hurry, so it's largely undocumented and has design 
flaws. I am not proud of it. 

I don't plan to work on it anymore, or start a new project on that topic, 
because I'm more focussed on h/w decoding solutions now. 

> Thanks,
> Christian Gmeiner


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