[linux-dvb] cx88-dvb and cx8800 conflicts

Ilia Mirkin imirkin at MIT.EDU
Sun Aug 21 04:09:12 CEST 2005


I have a pcHDTV 3000 card, and it works fine with the cx88-dvb and
cx8800 drivers; I can receive both digital and analog content. However,
after switching to 'analog' mode, I can't go back directly into digital

If I have the QAM firmware loaded, and then go to NTSC, locking onto a
QAM station again does not work. However, if I load up a VSB station
(thus loading the VSB firmware), then the lock is acquired. I can then
go back and reload the QAM firmware and it locks fine.

My theory is that the cx8800 driver changes something behind cx88-dvb's
back (or cx88-dvb does not initialize something properly upon start of a
capture but does so upon loading of firmware), and thus is unable to
lock onto the signal.

The sequence of events is as follows, in case the description above was

azap -r qam_chan (locks)
tvtime (viewing works)
azap -r qam_chan (does not lock)
azap -r vsb_chan (locks)
azap -r qam_chan (locks)

Ilia Mirkin
imirkin at mit.edu

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