[linux-dvb] Re: hybrid DViCO FusionHDTV5 Lite: dvb-bt8xx + lgdt330x + dvb-pll

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Mon Aug 22 18:52:17 CEST 2005

Mac Michaels wrote:

>On Monday 22 August 2005 12:26 am, Michael Krufky wrote:
>>I dont have a working "lgdt330x_set_ts_param" although I
>>dont think I need one, as the bttv has no mpeg chip.
>It is unique to the cx23880x chips and not used here.
Just as I thought... So I can erase that stuff inside the #if 0 ... #endif

>>Analog functions are working on this board already
>>without a flaw.  The video4linux portion of this code can
>>be found in video4linux cvs, bttv card 0x87 (135). 
>>However, with dvb, I am getting an error (see all the way
>>down below), and the frontend driver does not get
>>detected.  I am sure that I have the i2c address correct,
>>and I got my gpio values from playing with both regspy
>>and btspy.  Any ideas?
>The failure in the test to see if the lgdt330x chip could be 
>read with i2c. There are 2 ways I have seen this fail.
>1) Wrong i2c address. Probably not the problem here. 0x0e is 
>hardware default and used on the Gold version of this card.
I am sure the i2c address is correct.  modprobe bttv i2c_scan=1 detects 
the lgdt330x at 0x1c..... 0x1c >> 1 = 0x0e.  No questions here.

>2) Chip is being held in the reset state by a GPIO pin. A 
>likely candidate. In order for the chip to respond the 
>hardware reset pin 27 must be pulled high to a "1". You 
>need to figure out where pin 27 of the lgdt3303 chip is 
>connected to the bt88xx chip. That will be a difficult 
>since the lgdt3303 chip is inside the tuner's metal box. My 
>first guess would be gpio[0] just like all the other 
>FusionHDTV cards. Note that there is also some reset code 
>in cx88-dvb.c. It must leave the appropriate GPIO pin set 
>to a 1.
This is great information.  I knew that I was getting close with the 
GPIO settings, but now I know what specifically to look for next time I 
try to get this going.

Thank you,

-MiKE Krufky

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