[linux-dvb] Q2: dvb api 3 - FE_ATSC

Rainer.scherg Rainer.Scherg at t-online.de
Mon Aug 22 23:06:53 CEST 2005

Mac Michaels schrieb:

> If FE_ATSC were changed to FE_VSB as suggested then
Ok, aggreed.

Patrick Boettcher schrieb:

 > So, no you must not fill or read dvb_qam_parameters when passing it to a
 > FE_ATSC frontend. If you want to tune to a QAM signal with an FE_ATSC
 > you have to set vsb.modulation to QAM_256. Just like when you would tune
 > to QPSK when setting up a COFDM-frontend.
 > Only the vsb-field is handled by FE_ATSC.

Ok, this was confusing for me, because there was already a structure
for QAM. I think some documentation is needed here ;-)

I would appreciate, if someone could also have a look on the other
questions of mine.

- dvb api version query function
- compatibility layer for api4 to downsize to api3.



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