[linux-dvb] atscscan & azap

Alan Fry afry at cafsystems.com
Fri Aug 26 20:09:28 CEST 2005

Hi,  some questions that I hope someone can clarify for me.  I'm using 
an Fusion HDTV5 gold card, connected to cable. I think almost all the 
channels are encrypted, all but one (so far) do not have a picture in 
Mplayer. Maybe the answers are in a FAQ somewhere, but if so I haven't 
found them.

1.  Using atscscan I can:
       - detect many channels, usually video pid is zero
        - detect channels using QAM256, QAM64, and QAM32

2. using azap:
       - I cannot zap QAM32 channels
       - I thought/think that one should:
            a) specify video and audio pids = zero in azap, then use 
"dvbtraffic" to find the true audio & video pids
             b) edit the channels.conf file and put in the correct pids, 
making new sub channels for each service
             c) zap these new channels and use mplayer on  "dvr0".

       My questions :
         i)    Why is ony a subset of QAM supported in azap? For example 
why is QAM 32 not supported in azap?
          ii)   When I do 2(c) I can still see all the sub channels 
traffic with dvbtraffic so it appears that azap does not filter the pids?
          iii)   It appears that I could specify the audio and video 
pids when I use mplayer (-aid and -vid). would this accomplish the same 
thing as specifying them in the azap channels.conf file? Can I use one 
or the other, or should I use both?
          iv) in almost all cases in 2(c) Mplayer detects a "TS" stream, 
fills the cache to 20%, probes and is unable to find whatever it is that 
it needs and then exits. Does this signal "encryption"?
          v) is it necessary to keep azap running ?  When I kill azap,  
things  seem to keep going at least from the point of view of 
dvbtraffic.  It looks like azap would close various devices if it ever 
exited gracefully. Would a version that simply tries for FE_HAS_LOCK(for 
a specified number of times) and then exits be useful?

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