[linux-dvb] FusionHDTV5

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Tue Aug 30 03:11:46 CEST 2005

(Apologies for loosing threading,  I just joined and am replying from
the archives)

Michael Krufky wrote:

 > FusionHDTV5 GOLD:  I was able to sneak analog support for this board 
 > into 2.6.13, but DVB support requires the newer version of the analog 
 > driver, found in video4linux cvs.  Yes, I *did* say that DVB support 
 > requires an analog update, not a DVB update.  I'd rather not explain 
 > this now -- it's a long story.  Mac Michaels wrote the driver for the 
 > LGDT3303 frontend (used in all of these boards), and that driver will
 > be included in 2.6.13, but disabled for FusionHDTV5 Gold.

I've looked at the Dvico site, and I've done some googling, and read
past threads on this board, but I'm a little confused.  How does the
analog tuner fit into the picture?  Specifically:

1) Can one use the analog tuner to pick up normal VHF or UHF or analog
   US cable broadcasts?

2) Assuming yes to #1, does the analog tuner include a hardware encoder
   like a WinTv 250 or 150?  Or is it a software tuner?  Does it
   require the use of a sound card while recording to handle audio?

3) Can the analog and digital tuners be used at the simultaneously?  Eg,
   could I record a QAM-256 HDTV stream at the same time, and with
   the same card as I record an analog cable channel?  

Sorry for being fuzzy about analog tuners.  I've only ever used a
dvb card; the analog cards are still pretty mysterious to me.

Also, looking at the Dvico site, I get the impression that the Gold
can offload Mpeg2 -> DivX transcoding.  Can anything take advantage
of this on Linux?



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