[linux-dvb] FusionHDTV5

Mac Michaels wmichaels1 at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 31 08:22:04 CEST 2005

On Monday 29 August 2005 08:11 pm, Andrew Gallatin wrote:
> (Apologies for loosing threading,  I just joined and am
> replying from the archives)
> Michael Krufky wrote:
>  > FusionHDTV5 GOLD:  I was able to sneak analog support
>  > for this board into 2.6.13, but DVB support requires
>  > the newer version of the analog driver, found in
>  > video4linux cvs.  Yes, I *did* say that DVB support
>  > requires an analog update, not a DVB update.  I'd
>  > rather not explain this now -- it's a long story.  Mac
>  > Michaels wrote the driver for the LGDT3303 frontend
>  > (used in all of these boards), and that driver will be
>  > included in 2.6.13, but disabled for FusionHDTV5 Gold.
> I've looked at the Dvico site, and I've done some
> googling, and read past threads on this board, but I'm a
> little confused.  How does the analog tuner fit into the
> picture?  Specifically:
> 1) Can one use the analog tuner to pick up normal VHF or
> UHF or analog US cable broadcasts?

Yes. The design of HDTV in the US is to use the same channel 
frequency and bandwidth for both analog and digital 
signals. The same tuner is use on this card for both analog 
and digital TV.
> 2) Assuming yes to #1, does the analog tuner include a
> hardware encoder like a WinTv 250 or 150?  Or is it a
> software tuner?  Does it require the use of a sound card
> while recording to handle audio?

The CX238801 chip has the hardware encoder for both audio 
and video. Currently the sound sound encoder support is 
under development and you must use a sound card for audio. 

> 3) Can the analog and digital tuners be used at the
> simultaneously?  Eg, could I record a QAM-256 HDTV stream
> at the same time, and with the same card as I record an
> analog cable channel?

No. There is only one tuner on the card. MythTV is not smart 
enough to handle this restriction.

> Sorry for being fuzzy about analog tuners.  I've only
> ever used a dvb card; the analog cards are still pretty
> mysterious to me.

The card has a 3 band tuner required to support the TV 
channel allocation that evolved over the years in the USA.

> Also, looking at the Dvico site, I get the impression
> that the Gold can offload Mpeg2 -> DivX transcoding.  Can
> anything take advantage of this on Linux?

There is nothing to support this on the Gold card unless 
DViCO has changed the design in the last few weeks.

> Thanks,
> Drew


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